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Tiny Tots

Suitable for: Ages 3+

Tiny Tots classes aim to:


Improve focus 

While 45-minute classes may seem arduous for kids to remain attentive, our instructors are committed to keeping the students engaged with a myriad of activities. With their concentration levels improved subconsciously, the kids are still able to have fun amidst the trainings.


3-years-old is a vital age for kids to learn right from wrong. Our instructors are equipped with the right attitude to ensure positive developments in them. ​
Aside from teaching Taekwondo, Taeseong Taekwondo underscores character development of tiny tots. With the appropriate attitude towards their trainings,
their perseverance will also be reflected in their daily lives.


Classes conducted will be in both English and Korean to increase students' exposure to different languages at an early age.


Jr Kids

Suitable for: Ages 4+

The junior kids taekwondo class is an enjoyable and new activity for your 4 or 5 year old child.


Each 60 minute session encompasses exercises that develop psychomotor skills. Junior kids can improve their athleticism and learn social skills while practicing in a group.


Our classes emphasise on safety amidst a high energy and upbeat environment. The Jr kids instructors are friendly, encouraging, and have plenty of experience in assisting the children with the fundamentals.


We aim to develop students in their self-confidence through encouragement, praise, and motivation for them to attempt new challenges. Students will gain the sense of accomplishment through the attainment of higher belts after every grading session.



Suitable for: Ages 6+

Help your kids achieve more in life Our trainings for 6 to 12 year olds are designed to enhance physical, mental, and social development in the students.


​In a 60-minute class, students will participate in activities that focus on their strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance.


Taekwondo imparts valuable life lessons. ​ Your child will go through a series of grading tests to obtain higher belt levels, thus boosting their confidence and level of perseverance.


Black Belt

The attainment of the Black Belt in Taekwondo does not signify the end of an individual’s trainings. On the contrary, it is only an initiation into a new phase of learning and curriculum since specific trainings are only teachable after a student achieves the Black Belt, i.e. board breaking, self defense techniques, nunchaku, etc.


Black-Belt class components:

  • Demonstration kick

  • Breaking wooden board

  • Nunchaku

  • Self defense

  • Competition style poomsae

  • Taekwondo dance with k-pop



Most Teen/ Adult Taekwondo students start with no previous experience and are seeking to obtain various things like exercise, stress relief, learning self-defence, or gaining self-confidence.


Taekwondo makes an excellent workout, with each class including a thorough stretching routines, bursts of cardio-intensive drills, along with core focused strength exercises. ​


Classes are led by instructors who are dedicated to your individual progress. ​ You will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who spur one another along. Taekwondo will empower you with protection skills, by learning numerous blocking, kicking and striking techniques. Over time you will gain more confidence and peace of mind from knowing how to defend yourself.

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