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You will receive a WhatsApp message with trial class details.


After the trial class,
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Receive an invoice for payment.


Upon payment,
get an email with enrolment confirmation, student ID, and payment receipt.

Our Policies

Application Download

Taeseong Taekwondo is officially partnering with Classcard, for students and parents to keep track of the school’s latest updates and students’ progress. 

Invoices, class credits, class schedules and payments will be processed through the application accordingly.

Payment Details

Please make term fee payment by the due date advised to secure your child’s slot in the school.

There will be a $10 charge for any late payment received after the new term starts.

All fees are non-refundable or transferable. Remaining class lesson credits from a term will not be refunded where change of program during mid term is applied (applicable for those who make any changes to weekly class frequency during the current term or withdrawing mid-term).

Please make fee payment via Classcard Application, Internet Transfer or PayNow.

Internet Transfer

Please quote the Student Name or Invoice No. as PAYEE’S INITIAL when making the transfer. We are not held liable for any uncredited processed payments if the required is not stated accurately where applicable.

Public Holidays

​There are NO lessons on all Public Holidays. Please arrange for make-up sessions for lessons that fall during a Public Holiday. (refer to point 4 of school policy)

Make-up Policy

Each student can arrange for make-up lessons for missed regular classes through Classcard. Scheduled lessons can be cancelled with a minimum of twelve (12) hours prior notice. Cancellation of scheduled classes are allowed a maximum of two (2) times each term. Any missed scheduled lessons without cancellation will not be refunded.


Make-up lessons are valid until the term ends, scheduled by Taeseong Management. To arrange, notify via WhatsApp at 88765013.

Grading Test

A minimum of 10 lessons is required for participation in the Grading test at the end of each term. For Green Belts, Red Belts, and Black Tip Belts, attendance of a minimum of 20 lessons is mandatory, with twice-a-week lessons compulsory for these three belts.

If you wish to withdraw from the program, please give two (2) weeks' notice via WhatsApp at 8876-5013 and fill up the Withdrawal form. Remaining class credits are non-refundable and non-transferable.



I acknowledge that images and videos from Taeseong Taekwondo lessons are owned by the school for publicity, advertising and journalism purposes. Students' participation in Taeseong Taekwondo's activities are entirely at my own risk. I absolve Taeseong Taekwondo School and its instructors from liability for any injury or loss.


l acknowledge the above, and agree to assume all possible risks and hazards that could result in illness, injury, loss, damage, or death. I also agree to the covenant not to sue, and to fully indemnify and release from liability Taeseong Taekwondo School, its management, instructors, staff, organisers, shareholders and/or entities involved with such activities from all actions, claims, and demands relating to illness, injury, loss, damages or death resulting from my participation in training and activities. In consideration of my participation in the training and/or related activities, I agree to abide by the applicable rules and regulations set by Taeseong Taekwondo School.


I consent to Taeseong Taekwondo School collecting and using my personal data for business purposes.

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